The M.A.M.A.S.'s Transport Team

Touching hearts, one paw at a time!

The Adoption Team consists of several volunteers acting as Adoption Coordinators. But it doesn't stop there! The Adoption team has many people assisting the Adoption Coordinators, posting the pups pictures and information on Petfinder, and performing the essential step of home visits!

Woman Embracing Dog

Meet Some of The Team

Some of the Transport Team that have been helping many years!

Rose 1

Freya H.

MD and Overnight

Pink Flowers

Tiffany W.

NC Coordinator

Flower Girl

Susanne S.

SC Coordinator

Additional people that are part of the Transport Team that you may hear from:

Emily F.

Donna V.

Dean V.

Nicole L.

Michele P.

Sue H.

Noelle S.

Jim S.

Kathy H.

Justin B.

Marianne B.

Erin M.

Jenn C.


Many More!